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Can parasites be the cause of skin problems?

Parasites and skin diseases

Many doctors tell me that having parasites like Blastocystis hominis and or Dientamoeba fragilis, cannot create real problems as many people have these parasites in their gut. But are these parasites as harmless as they say?

Several skin problems can be very persistent and sometimes unclear what causes them. Is it allergy, a bacterial or a fungal infection, food intolerance etc.? Lately I discovered an interesting relation with these so called harmless parasites and skin problems, which I want to share with skin therapist and dermatologists and maybe I can help people who suffer from unexplained skin diseases as well by sharing this case report.

As a gut & skin therapist I already know there is a strong relation between the composition of the gut microbiome and the health of the skin. There are still many things unclear how the gut microbiome influences the skin. People who come to me with strange persistent skin problems and gut problems like PDS, I ask about their digestion and faeces and often they tell me this faeces is fatty, sometimes in combination with diarree or abnormal stool. Therefore I let them send the faeces to a lab to find out information about the gut microbiome. When the gut microbiome is not so abnormal as you should expect with skin problems and PDS, something else might be the cause of the problems. In several cases like this I requested the doctor to investigate the presence of parasites in the patient's faeces. And in all these cases the faeces containted parasites Blastocystis hominis and/or Dientamoeba fragilis. After treatment with Metronidazol together with probiotics the skin problems were almost immediately gone… most of the times the gut problems were less worse, the diarrhea was often disappeared and also the fatty stool. Treatment of the gut microbiome was necessary even after the antibiotics to improve the gut microbiome. As antibiotics like Metronidazol not only kill the ‘bad guys but also the good bacteria and or parasites, I always combine this strong antibiotics together with a special probiotic to prevent the side effects of antibiotics. For those who may be concerned about the influence of antibiotics together with probiotics: I recommend patients to take the probiotics at least 2 hours after and before intake of probiotics.

Was the improvement of the skin and disappearance of the skin problems and gut problems due to killing these parasites by Metronidazol, or were other pathogens killed by this antibiotics? So far I cannot be sure for 100% if the parasites were the real cause, as the stool was not checked for the presence of these parasites after treatment. But it was clear that after this antibiotics therapy, both skin and gut improved impressive..... So in my humble opinion it might be interesting to investigate this approach for skin problems. And I hope next time when you see someone with these kind of persistent unexplained skin problems together with or without gut problems (like PDS) you remember this case report… so please check faeces for the presence of parasites. You might find the one and only perfect solution to solve these problems!

And for now I wish you all the best and a healthy happy skin and gut microbiome. Marcelline Goyen, Skin therapist BHS, editor NTVH and gut therapist

PS 1. The picture above is of course a creepy and clear example of parasites 'in and below the skin'... if the skin problems I mentioned were this obvious I would have not written this article, as you would know immediately this skin problem was a parasite infection... the presence of parasites in gut it is not so obvious unfortunately.


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"Een gezonde huid van buiten en van binnenuit!"

Marcelline Goyen

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